Communication 101: A Crash Course

This week is the start of a year of studying and to start it off is a lesson on communication. It may sound boring but is important to be able to communicate with others over a variety of mediums such as speaking and writing.

This shows what good communication skills can avoid and why having these skills can help in many different situations both in and out of the work environment. Good, effective communication is goes two ways.

A cycle like this helps ensure that the correct message is received and both members of the conversation are in agreement and understand each other.

Another important part of communication is the register that you are using. For example using informal language among your friends is fine but while might want to be avoided when applying for a job.

This also applies to using terms that the other person will know. Using jargon and abbreviations that the other person in the conversation may not know will hinder their ability to understand the message you are trying to put across. This can be avoided by only using the terms you know they are familiar with or clarifying the terms you will be using at the start or during the conversation as you are using them to help ensure that they will know them.


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