Innovative Thinking

One aspect of IT that I believe to be innovative is the use of VR headsets with a movement platform. The Virtiux Omni is the first example of this that I came across last year but has yet to be completed.

This is the first video I saw about the Omni and the best that describes how it works. It is supposed to be able to take the user directly into the world that the VR headset is showing by allowing the user to walk on the Omni platform and have their movements used as input to the computer running the software.

This could be the next big thing in the VR world because there has yet to be a VR movement platform. The current and past headsets still rely on using a controller or keyboard and mouse to control the world being presented on the headset. If this platform is released it will be the first platform to allow th user to fully enter the world and move their character or avatar by walking as they would normally.

I want this to become a big thing because it will be an interesting way to interact with a fantasy world that has not yet been seen but has been shown to happen in some movies in various ways. It could also become a way to help with simulations of certain scenarios but some kinds of training for certain jobs and to see how people react.

An obvious obstacle to overcome to make this available to the public is the production costs. These will need to be kept low to allow many different people to buy and use the device. Another obstacle is the change from siting and controlling the avatar as they do now to standing and moving to control the avatar. Most people would be reluctant to do this because they see the time they take to play games as a time to rest not as a time to be active. Overcoming this obstacle will be hard to accomplish as it relies on changing people’s mindsets towards this.


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