The Treaty of Waitangi

My understanding on New Zealand history is mainly from what is taught during school. It is not that great since I was never really interested in history and never followed on learning about history after the mandatory lessons during school. I also don’t pay much attention to the news when it comes to much outside of technology so I do not hear much to do with New Zealand history through any means.

I believe that indigenous groups have the rights to govern themselves after being colonised by a larger culture. The Native Americans have this right to govern themselves within their reservations and have their own tribal courts. I believe that this approach works well as they are allowed to govern themselves without affecting anyone outside the reservations they control. This example of tribal government is the best and closest to what could be achieved in New Zealand with the Maori tribes. Personally I would not be against this happening as long as what they were allowed to govern within their areas were in line with the rest of the country but not everyone would see the same way. There will be a lot of people in this country that will resist this change even though it may not affect them much or at all. Currently the Maori do not seem to be wanting to govern themselves in this way and if they did decide as a whole to govern themselves then it take some time to achieve. This may be part of the reason they do not as they might not gain a lot from this even though the right to this is guaranteed by the Treaty of Waitangi.


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