What is real?

I believe real is what we can interacting with using our senses. This could be seen in different ways for different people but for me it is not what we see inside a 3D world but the physical world around us.

Google Glass is a Augmented reality headset where a small screen covers part of one eye. There are both positives and negatives for this technology. Two of the positives I can see are that it could help us to connect with the world around us and there is a possibility that they could be used in the medical profession by showing information on the patient on the Glass screen rather than constantly having to spend time checking paper or computer records it could be showing automatically and updating as the computer system finds more of their records.

One of the negatives of Google Glass is the loss of our privacy. Since they have a camera on them they are able to record video and take pictures which many people see as a breach of their privacy. Another negative is that is creates suspicion around what you are doing on it because few people currently know how it works but this is likely to change when more people start to use it and learn how it works.

Where the Google Glass is using the functions of a smartphone and performing them in a different way Microsoft’s Hololens is taking a very different approach. It is a single device which projects the AR image onto a screen that goes across both eyes of the user. It can be used to project images onto surfaces or in midair where the Glass cannot.

I believe that the Oculus Rift and other VR headsets will have uses outside of gaming once they become more available to the public and more people are able to develop uses for them. One use already created is a 3D earthquake viewer that Clare showed in class. It shows a history of earthquakes and allows the user to zoom into where they are and select them to show the information about them. I like this use of the Oculus Rift as it is a more intuitive way of viewing information that can tend to make little sense if you are just looking at the numbers. Using this approach you are able to more easily see where the earthquakes are happening over time and see patterns. Here is the video we were shown in class demonstrating how it works.


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