The Internet’s Own Boy

Q1:  What did he do that got him into trouble?

He downloaded academic articles from the JSTOR database.

Q2:  What were the possible motives mentioned in the film for his so called “crime”?

The motives mentioned by the prosecution were that he was going to release the downloaded files for free use by the users of the internet or to release them for sale to profit from them while the people close to Aaron believed that he was going to use them for volume researching purposes.

Q3:  What does each motive imply from a MORAL and LEGAL point of view?

The release of the documents for free while could be seen as illegal by some was morally ok because the articles should be in the public domain since they are created for that purpose.

The sale of these documents would be both illegal and morally wrong but the use of the articles for researching purposes would be morally and legally fine.

Q4:  Why were understanding his motives so important?

Understanding his motives for downloading the articles would decide whether he was downloading them for illegal or legal purposes and whether they should be prosecuted or not.

Q4.1: How many charges did this end up giving him?

He was charged with 13 felony offenses.

Q5: What was wrong with the SOPA bill?

It would give the big corporations the ability to censor any content that they felt infringed upon their copyrights without a trial of any kind.

Q6: Why did it look like the bill would be impossible to stop from passing?

Most of the previous bills had all gone the way of the big corporation with the money and ignored the opinion of the public.

Q7:  What were some of the significant factors that helped raise awareness for dismissing the SOPA bill?

The users of the internet spreading the word about the bill and blackout of big websites that caught the attention of members of Congress.

Q7.1:  What’s the important message about this victory to those of us in the “new world”?

We are free to create what we want to create without having to worry about having our content taken off the internet by corporations for copyright reasons without having any form of defence.

Q8:  “Bringing public access to the public domain”  “books are our cultural legacy”.  What are these statements have to do with his passion … (37:25)?

His passion was making the world a better place and information. He believed that he could make the world a better place by making this information available to the public.

Q9:  What does Q8 have to do with Jack Andraka?

He had a discovery and created an early test for Pancreatic Cancer that will save lives. He made this breakthrough using research articles from JSTOR.

Q10:  What’s the most important question on this list? Why?

I believe that question 4 is the most important. Without understanding his motives you cannot decide whether or not he should have prosecuted and what he stood for. People close to Aaron seem to believe that the prosecutors did not understand his motives properly and if they did they may not have proceeded with the prosecution.


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