ITC Reflection

The 3 blogging sessions I found the most interesting were “What is Real?”, Problem Solving and “The Internet’s Own Boy”. I like the idea of virtual and augmented reality and where these technologies are heading. I would like to see these technologies become more popular which would be the reason I like the “What is Real” blogging session as we looked at where these technologies currently are and where they are headed in the near future.

I found the Problem Solving blogging session interesting because it helped me realise how I attempt to solve problems and other ways to approach solving problems. I believe that this blogging session will help me in the future which is another reason I found it interesting.

“The Internet’s Own Boy” was the other blogging session I found interesting. This was not done in class but we were instead we were told to watch a movie created about Aaron Swartz and answer questions about it. I found this interesting because it explained his life and why he did what he did and also why the United States government acted the way it did to prosecute him. before this session I knew who Aaron Swartz was but not everything that he did and the complete reason why he was prosecuted by the government.

One thing I think should be added to this course is something to do with The Cloud and Cloud Computing. This is a growing area of IT at the moment and is not covered in many courses right now so I think that at least a quick overview during this course would be a good idea.


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