Problem Solving

I believe I have a bias blind spot. I don’t see myself as having any major biases but I know that will not be the case and it is more likely that I just fail to identify them easily.

I believe I am a big details person. This is because among other things that identify a details person I tend to over think-things and I tend to find highlighting thing useless as I tend to highlight too much. These examples were given on this site and most of the points given for details seem to line up with myself.

The fact that i am a details person has hindered my ability to problem solve in the past as I tend to just jump into a project without developing a plan and the lack of plan to refer to has helped to hinder my problem solving in some classes I have taken.


The Treaty of Waitangi

My understanding on New Zealand history is mainly from what is taught during school. It is not that great since I was never really interested in history and never followed on learning about history after the mandatory lessons during school. I also don’t pay much attention to the news when it comes to much outside of technology so I do not hear much to do with New Zealand history through any means.

I believe that indigenous groups have the rights to govern themselves after being colonised by a larger culture. The Native Americans have this right to govern themselves within their reservations and have their own tribal courts. I believe that this approach works well as they are allowed to govern themselves without affecting anyone outside the reservations they control. This example of tribal government is the best and closest to what could be achieved in New Zealand with the Maori tribes. Personally I would not be against this happening as long as what they were allowed to govern within their areas were in line with the rest of the country but not everyone would see the same way. There will be a lot of people in this country that will resist this change even though it may not affect them much or at all. Currently the Maori do not seem to be wanting to govern themselves in this way and if they did decide as a whole to govern themselves then it take some time to achieve. This may be part of the reason they do not as they might not gain a lot from this even though the right to this is guaranteed by the Treaty of Waitangi.

Customer Service

During this session I learned how to provide good customer service. These include being able to understand customers well and being able to see their point of view and appreciate that their point of view may be different to yours. Being able to quickly establish rapport is important to achieving this. There are various ways to do this one way is to find common ground whithin the conversation.

My personal goals are to be a honest, trustworthy and hardworking student while studying. I also want this to extend to my work life both during and after my time of study.

Innovative Thinking

One aspect of IT that I believe to be innovative is the use of VR headsets with a movement platform. The Virtiux Omni is the first example of this that I came across last year but has yet to be completed.

This is the first video I saw about the Omni and the best that describes how it works. It is supposed to be able to take the user directly into the world that the VR headset is showing by allowing the user to walk on the Omni platform and have their movements used as input to the computer running the software.

This could be the next big thing in the VR world because there has yet to be a VR movement platform. The current and past headsets still rely on using a controller or keyboard and mouse to control the world being presented on the headset. If this platform is released it will be the first platform to allow th user to fully enter the world and move their character or avatar by walking as they would normally.

I want this to become a big thing because it will be an interesting way to interact with a fantasy world that has not yet been seen but has been shown to happen in some movies in various ways. It could also become a way to help with simulations of certain scenarios but some kinds of training for certain jobs and to see how people react.

An obvious obstacle to overcome to make this available to the public is the production costs. These will need to be kept low to allow many different people to buy and use the device. Another obstacle is the change from siting and controlling the avatar as they do now to standing and moving to control the avatar. Most people would be reluctant to do this because they see the time they take to play games as a time to rest not as a time to be active. Overcoming this obstacle will be hard to accomplish as it relies on changing people’s mindsets towards this.

Systems within a Business

Document Types


Business Terminology


Document Flow


IRD Links

Personal Reflection on understanding business

As an upcoming IT professional I believe that having an understanding in business terminology and document flow is important no matter what area of IT you are working in. As a software programmer you may be asked to write a program to organise and manage the documents flowing in, out and within the business. Having a base understanding will help with writing this software. As a network engineer you could be asked to provide the network systems to handle the documents so knowing the flow of documents and where they should be going could help with completing this. Any IT professional could also have the possibility of owning their own business which would require them to understand the terminology and document flow in order to run the business successfully.

Communication 101: A Crash Course

This week is the start of a year of studying and to start it off is a lesson on communication. It may sound boring but is important to be able to communicate with others over a variety of mediums such as speaking and writing.

This shows what good communication skills can avoid and why having these skills can help in many different situations both in and out of the work environment. Good, effective communication is goes two ways.

A cycle like this helps ensure that the correct message is received and both members of the conversation are in agreement and understand each other.

Another important part of communication is the register that you are using. For example using informal language among your friends is fine but while might want to be avoided when applying for a job.

This also applies to using terms that the other person will know. Using jargon and abbreviations that the other person in the conversation may not know will hinder their ability to understand the message you are trying to put across. This can be avoided by only using the terms you know they are familiar with or clarifying the terms you will be using at the start or during the conversation as you are using them to help ensure that they will know them.